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“We read to know, we’re not alone.”
                                 ― William Nicholson, Shadowlands


topimportantquestions.com is an answer to curiosity. We have provided various blogs that would be surely helpful in day to day life. As they all come from personal experience by me and my colleagues.

In order to discover yourself, you need to educate yourself with knowledge more and more.

“Rise and Rise again until lamb becomes lion”

                             — Maitreya The Friend of All Souls, The Holy Book of Destiny.

You can educate yourself in two ways

a) By Traveling

b) By Reading

topimportantquestions.com is a little step to help you achieve both

About Iqbal Khan (That’s me) 🙂

Iqbal Khan

I am the mind behind topimportantquestions.com

I had completed my education from Army Public Schools. As my father was in Indian Army, so I got the privilege to live and travel almost all parts of India.

I did my Post Graduation in English and Business law from Aligarh Muslim University (A.M.U)

Prior to becoming a professional blogger, I worked with IBM in India. One of the turning points in my life was turning down my job in pursuit of my own journey as an entrepreneur

I wrote my first blog in 2012 at google blogspot about interview questions and answers that I faced mostly while giving my interviews in various MNC’s.

My first blog got huge response, I got lakhs of visitors and many emails. So, I decided to take blogging seriously and started a website www.topimportantquestions.com 

This is how topimportantquestions.com was born.

I started blogging out of my passions for learning and sharing. I found blogging to be a great medium to share my favorite things with the world. I discovered “the way” to become my own boss, through the power of internet.

I would love to hear your suggestions and comments. Do share your views….

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