Your Mercedes is still en route… Be patient.

  Life comes at us really fast doesn’t it? One moment you are a kid playing soccer or hitting buttons on your Game Boy.  Next thing you are in college balancing intense social life with an undulating semester GPA. Before you realize, your graduation was 2 to 5 years ago. Wow. Now adulting starts, youContinue Reading “Your Mercedes is still en route… Be patient.”


Dalai Lama 18 rules of Living

Tenzin Gyatso is a 14th Dalai lama. Dalai Lama is a spiritual leader of Tibet. He was born in 6 July 1935 to a middle class family. His teachings are very popular through out the world. He has millions of followers. At the start of the new millennium the Dalai Lama issued eighteen rules forContinue Reading “Dalai Lama 18 rules of Living”

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Dogs importance in today’s busy life

Hi there everyone. My name is Lincoln and I am a three year old recently rescued English Bulldog. I am here today to talk to you about the dogs importance in today’s life. As a recent addition to my forever family, I can tell you that I have deeply enriched the lives of my parents.Continue Reading “Dogs importance in today’s busy life”


Motivation : Selected Inspirational Quotes forLife

     These inspirational Quotes are one of my favorites, I hope these inspirational quotes would also inspire you…. Fewer Friends, less drama, keep your circle small. The less you say , the more your words will matter. I think too much and then put myself in a bad mood. You are the CEO ofContinue Reading “Motivation : Selected Inspirational Quotes forLife”