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Chinese Man Eating Baby Fetus – Viral Story Truth

chinese man eating baby fetus

From 2001 there is a photo circulating on internet about a Chinese man who ate baby fetus, creating a question mark on cannibalism in china. Warning : Graphic content

In Korea and China Baby fetus is a hottest food, you can easily get a dead fetus from medical hospitals at a cost of just $50 or $88. There was lots of controversy about this, even the investigation was done against this act. Another news was also circulated when korean custom officials held a man with thousands of capsules containing powdered human baby flesh. The medicines was found to be manufactured in China for medicinal purpose.

Above photographs earlier claimed to belong to a restaurant who serves baby fetus food stolen from hospitals.But there has been a man Mr. Zhu Yu who has been in controversy for consuming baby fetus. He has been investigated by the department.

Mr. Zhu Yu claimed to eat a real baby fetus to protest against government about meat and said “human can also eat humans”. Zhu Yu said, He got this stolen baby fetus from the hospital at a cost of $85. He then cooked and ate it for real.   $$DISGUSTING$$

He is a chinese artist name Zhu Yu. He is an artist by profession. He staged a conceptual piece called “Eating People” at shanghai art festival in 2000. Since then these photographs has been circulating all over the world. ets.

chinese man eating baby foetus, top important questions








Mr Zhu Yu has been interviewed, after this controversal pictures. Check the video clip of his interview.


What do you think about this act ? What should be done against people who did this in real life ?

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