Your Mercedes is still en route… Be patient.

Your Mercedes is still en route… Be patient.


Life comes at us really fast doesn’t it?

One moment you are a kid playing soccer or hitting buttons on your Game Boy.  Next thing you are in college balancing intense social life with an undulating semester GPA. Before you realize, your graduation was 2 to 5 years ago. Wow.

Now adulting starts, you are gradually easing into it. Ironically, it’s not as easy as you thought. Maybe, you knew it was tough, but this you really didn’t expect it to be this intense.

It’s so intense you miss all the smooth rides you had during childhood. Well, not so smooth but at least it was better. – no bills, no responsibilities, more sleep, more games, more fake ideologies of love, more hope, more cereal, and candy

“If only the Benjamin Button disease was not just fictional. Maybe you would grow younger by each day, instead of old”

These are the kind of insane thoughts that run through your head periodically. Some end up being caught up in the hardship of thoughts that block the release of more endorphins – they become depressed. Depression is a very serious issue society must handle with care because it is currently sweeping fast and in large quantities like a bushfire. Think I am over exaggerating?

“The NIMH estimates that in the United States, 16 million adults had at least one major depressive episode in 2012. That’s 6.9 percent of the population. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression.” –

As much as this is alarming data, I want you to know that you shouldn’t fret!

Day in day out, many get out of the enclaves of this terrible condition, so if you are about to hit the rock… just know that life can get tricky but it is entirely possible to change things around you. It could even happen in a month, you’d never know.

Where I’m from, owning a Mercedes is not only classy but prestigious. It’s always been the “Sunday car or Dads Favorite car” in most households. It’s a car many young guys like me admire on a daily with aspirations to own one someday.

Since life is always work-in-progress, I would want to share some tips on ways to Make Your Life Better Every single day.

Be Grateful

The truth is, it all starts with being grateful. You need to be able to stay grateful even when life is hitting you harder than Mohammed Ali. When you look around at the things you have more often, instead of what you don’t, it usually changes your perception.

Note that being grateful does not mean you should not dare to dream.

Be Prepared to Grow

Growing starts from your mindset. You need to realize that you want to be better else progress might not come your way. Open up to learning new things and open to growth no matter where it comes from.

If this is going to happen by you finding a job then do just that, by going through a list of employment websites.

Keep Motivating Yourself

Audrey Hepburn once hit us with one of the greatest quotes of all time – “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible!”

There are several things we can draw inspiration from, but what mostly hits the nail right on the head usually hold sentimental values. Whatever you do, make sure you find more reason to keep you going. You need to be fueled up more often.

Humility is a great weapon

It’s always best to learn to drop an attitude. Trying to be the best will not go well with one. A sense of entitlement is not the best to have so, how about you learn to stick to humility no matter how far you off been.

Sit Down, Be Humble” – Kendrick L. Duckworth, 2017.

Remind yourself that you are Awesome

Truly, it won’t hurt if you keep reminding yourself of how far you have come. This serves as great motivation and self-inspiration.

As long as this comes with the realization that there is always more room for improvement, then this right here is a solid ego booster. I want you to randomly tell the person beside you this “I am Awesome”.


Avoid regular Negative thoughts

Instead of being Pessimistic all the time, how about you go au contraire to your habits and think positive more often?

You would be amazed how this can change things in your life. This is because thinking more positive attracts more positive and vice versa.

Drop all grudges

I thought we left all grudge in our childhood days? Even kids of today realize that keeping grudges and resentments hurt no one but us.

The other party might not even be affected with your resentment so therefore I ask – what exactly do you aim to achieve with it?

Learn to enjoy your day!

This is for those tiny moments that make us smile during the day. Learn to cherish them instead of making the bad ones cloud our moods. Be happy, Life can be enjoyable too!

Pump your endorphins

Make sure you do things you love regularly, things that get you excited. With all the pressure you might be facing, it’s important to de-stress whenever you can! Go ahead and pump those endorphins!

Note these down and assuredly, you would live a way better life than you did yesterday. Also, remember that your Mercedes also awaits you.

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Manny Obeng is a Ghanaian raised writer with high hopes that his written work would serve its quota in making a world a better place, especially in Africa. With his love for creating written content he regularly writes when he’s not working with his team – Team Exhort on their best African job search website.

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