11 Popular Interview Questions with Answers For Freshers
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11 Popular Interview Questions with Answers For Freshers

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First few minutes are very important in facing any Interview and so does the first few questions. The HR do not know anything about you. Freshers often get panic while facing an interview, but trust me Interview is nothing if you prepare it in a proper way.

Every perfect work needs a hard work in background.

By just little preparation, you can easily grab a job of your choice. 

The impression you make in the first few questions, is going to set tone for the entire session and plays a huge factor for your selection. So, get prepared and be confident in First round.

Ques 1 -Why do you think we will appoint you? interview questions, fresher interview questions

This interview question is often asked to check your confidence and extra skills. Be confident and give answer without stammering.

Mention your Extra curricular activities that will give benefit to company.

Ans – I think it because I have a positive attitude and have skill to prove as an asset for the company.

Ques 2 – What do you want to do with your life ?

This Interview Question is asked to check your future plannings. Beaware, only speak about the thing which will benefit company. Don’t speak irrelevant things as company don’t want to hire short term candidates for job.

Ans – I would like to live my life in a proper way, would like to work in a big company. I would like to have a smooth career, where I can provide all the comforts to me and my family.

I would like to be a dedicated and hard working person.

Ques 3 – Do you have any actual work experience ?

If you have done some work like part-time or during internship, tell them. Although it won’t be counted in your experience but will show that you worth to be hired.

Ans – I am a fresher.

Ques 4 – How would you describeexperienced candidates, resume for experienced, sample resume your ideal job ?

HR is asking this question to check your working environment. Don’t be a big mouth. Speak according to a company status. If you speak or demand too much, then there is possibility that you won’t get hired.

Ans – My ideal job would be like where I can see full growth for my future.

Career growth and good opportunity is highly preferred.

Ques 5 – Why did you choose this career ?

This interview question will be asked to check your interest in the field. Always speak enthusiastically to show your interest.

Ans – I chose this career because this is a career where I can see my ideal job. This Career is highly interesting, and there is a lot’s of growth opportunity here.

Ques 6 – When did you decide on this career ?

Through this interview questions for fresher they are checking your decision making skill. Be confident and answer this interview question properly.

Ans – I decided when I was in school, One of my elder cousin is also working in this industry. I was inspired by his lifestyle and working skills. 

Ques 7 – What goals do you have in your career ?Job resume, job resume format

HR is checking your future goals and stability in the company. Always speak things related to the company.

Ans – I would like to achieve a good designation with good salary. I would like to explore and enhance my skills in this industry.

Ques 8 – How do you plan to achieve these goals ?

Ans – I would achieve my goals as per my designation and skills. It might take time, but I am ready to explore it.

Ques 9 – Tell me about Yourself ?

This interview questions is one of most popular question in any interview. Here you should provide genuine information about yourself which you have mentioned in CV or resume. HR generally ask this question to get familiar with you.

Example are :interview questions for fresher, confidence building

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to speak about myself.

My name is Rahul, I am 22 years old. I am a localite of Delhi.

I have done my schooling from Army Public School and graduation from Jamia University. 

Before applying for this job, I was working with IBM for 2 years. 

We are 4 family members. My father is a retired Police inspector and my mother is a housewife. My elder sibling is doing a job at Convergys.

My main goal is to get a job in prestigious company, where I can utilize my skills fully. 

My biggest strength is that I am a workaholic, can work continuously for hours if found a interesting work.

My weakness is that sometime I spend too much time in my interesting work to check it again and again for any fault. I always like to make my work perfect.

Ques 10 – What is your expecfresher interview questions, bpo interview questionsted salary?

Ans- As per the market standard and my job profile.

Ques 11 – Don’t you think it’s too early for job?

Ans-No, I had completed my graduation now this is right time to start a career.





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